Ada heta oba ma atha hera yana bawa


D                D7           G
Ada heta oba ma, atha hara yana bawa
                D   A       A7      D
Denagannata lebuna, rahasin mata asuna

[Verse 1]
D               D7        G
Oba rawata natha oba handawa natha
                 A        D        
Dena dena ma nam weradi kale netha
         D7       G   G|D|A|
Oba gena mata pudumai
A                   D    D7  D
Wenasata thathu nohegei

[Verse 2]
D                 D7         G
Yomuwee wenathaka   oba thaniwu dina
                 A      D
Thaniyata sitiye ma pamanaki langa
        D7     G  G|D|A|
Den oba ma ridawa
A                   D   D7  D
yali wenathaka bandila

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