Mudu Muhune ( Am Ver. )


Am                   Dm
Mudu muhune suwa denune
G         F  C           Am
Piya landune mata witharada
D          C
Obe susume suwa denune
G           C          Am
Himi sandune mata witharada

[Verse 1]
Am         G
Pulalukule suwa yahane
F           Dm       Am
Nidi weruwe man witharada
Am       Dm         Am
Ura thalaye hisa randa
G          C        Am
Suwa winde man witharada

[Verse 2]
Am          G
Inga neriye rali binde
F            Dm       Am
Piya landune man witharada
Am       Dm          Am
Inga neriye reli seduwe
G           C          Am
Himi sandune mage witharada

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