Mama Irak Wela Payannam


D   Bm             G
Mam irak wela payannam
A                     Bm
Piyum wile oba pipenawanm
     G                 Em
Rala pelak wela diwa ennam
D           Em        F#m  Bm
Werala wage oba innawanam //
A                     D
Werala wage oba innawanam

[Verse 1]
Hina wuna athi nam
    A                     D
Mam wassa wage oba hadawannam
Dara ganna bari nam
     Em           F#m        D
Duka thurule howa oba nalawannam

[Verse 2]
Pama una wadi nam
     A                      D
Heat hulaga wage aragena yannam
Mula wuna nam
       Em         F#m        D
Dinaka rahan muda oba haralannam

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