Ana Ng


             Just listen to the song to get the strumming down.

The song is just E, E minor, C, D, G, A minor, and B minor.

Em Em-Em-Em Em C C D D (Repeat 2 times)


Em     Em-Em-Em Em C C D      D   Em      
Make a hole with a gun perpendicular

Em-Em-Em Em         C C        D  D      Em
To the name of this town in a desktop globe

E      E-E-E    Am G     C  G
Exit wound in a foreign nation

Am       Am  Am  Am      G   C        G
Showing the home of the one this was written for

(Repeat with different lyrics)


G   C      D
Ana Ng and I are getting old

       C             G                Bm        C       D
and we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence

G      C        D   
Listen Ana hear my words

            C              G             Bm           C            D
They're the ones you would think I would say if there was a me for you

"I don't want the world" Part:

C          D              G        D       C
When I was driving once I saw this painted on a bridge:

C                 D     G D         C
I don't want the world, I just want your half

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