Another Chance


             Song: Another Chance Capo 5th Fret Chords
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        "Another Chance" by the Georgia satellites
(transcribed by Tony Stortini)[email protected]
CAPO 5th FRET chords relative to capo position
C                              G     C            
Livin with my back against the wall, No where but forrrrrward to fall
C                            G
I close my eyes, somebody,    catch my breath
Am7              Bm7                   Cmaj7                  
Oh my Lord, lets get on board,     the rides gonna scare me to death. Oh.. oh.. oh..

Amin7             D            G      G/F#   Em
I don't wanna leave, before my time   is      done
Amin7             D              G     G/F#     Em
Don't wanna stick around when my race   is      run,
Amin7       D              G     G/F#  Em
Don't wanna go before they call   my    bets.
Amin7           D           Cmaj7       G
Don't wanna die asking for anoooother   chance
C                                     G
Come help me poor Richard,  won't you help me raise a glass,
C                                         G
Here's to me, and here's to you, may your dreams all come to pass..
C                         G
Cruel trick of time,   is there within a wink of an eye,
Am7                            Bm7
Well heavens above,  you don't need no shove,
    Cmaj7           D
The years go sailin by…….oh oh oh oh..


C                              G
Another game of chance,      A lifetime come and gone..
C                                          G
I guess it's up to me,     I don't want to sing another mans song..
C                                     G
Don't wanna say, what grandma said,   Lyin on her dyin bed.
Am              Bm7                   Cmaj7                  D
I been cheated, no mistreated,  and I don't want to sing out yes.


another chance…..another chance…..another chance…. Another chance

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