From Vic's 1990 album "Little"

Am        G
F         Am    E
Am        G
F         Am    E

    Am            G           F      Am  E
Well, a-souvenirs on my dusty shelf
       Am                       G              F     Am  E
Well I get out the Tarn-X, and I polish them myself
    Am                        G                   F    Am  E
Yes posters are falling, but who needs them at my age
          Am                    G             F     Am  E
Well I’ve learned to smile when all I feel is rage

     Am                 G               E            F
So I think I will go to Bakersfield with Gabriel and Paul
           Am              G                    E               F      F
And I will hide behind the garbage can while the holy platitudes fall

    C                     G
And blow the gates, I am a-coming through
       Am               D
With my albatrosses and all
         Am                D
And it's strategy not protocol
         Am                D
Yes it's strategy not protocol
               F     F
That brings me here

Am        G
F         Am    E

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