Bandaged Knees


             Artist: The Almighty (UK)     
Song  : Bandaged Knees (Album version, Track 5)
Album : Soul Destruction ('91)

Tune down 1/2 step, no capo

Em - 022000    Em7   - 02203x
C  - x32010    C7    - x32000
D  - xx0232    Dsus2 - xx0230
G  - 320033    D/F#  - 2x0232

You can play the song using the basic D, Em, C - Switching to Dsus2, Em7 and C7 is just
a personal preference. Adds some more flavor ;)

Em Dsus2 C D (2x)

Em              Dsus2        C7              Dsus2
Sittin' lone inside my head, no mirrors to reflect
Em7                        Dsus2      C7          Dsus2
Is this here the season of joy or the season to inject
Em7                    D         C7                     Dsus2
Lord this must be judgement day, take a close look at myself
Em           Dsus2          C7                    Dsus2
     Are you happy with the hand that you've been dealt

    Em         Dsus2 C         Em        D       C
The bells they toll  silently, inflict invisible pain
Em      Dsus2         C                 Em    D    C
Tell me which is more righteous, Chivas Regal or cocaine
G                         D/F#                   Em            G    Dsus2
Friends won't answer your phone calls, call your long distance family
       C                               Em      Dsus2    C
Well I hope someone is listening, as I sing on bandaged knees
     Em      Dsus2    C
As I sing on bandaged knees

Repeat [Intro] 

Em           Dsus2  C7          Dsus2  
On this holy day, I look to the skies
Em7                        Dsus2          C7          Dsus2 
Are you tryin' to find yourself or just rearrange the time
Em7               D      C                Dsus2
Open up your spirit boy, pass that liquid love
Em                  Dsus2           C7            Dsus2
   Do you prefer possessions or the purity of the dove

Repeat [Chorus] 

G                    D/F#             Em                Dsus2
Sing to me my little sister of mercy, inspiration of my life
G                         D/F#         Em                Dsus2
You know I can't feel the pain but you know that I never cry
G                      D/F#       Em           Dsus2
I play for you my love song, sung only for the damned
G                      D/F#          C                    D
I wish I could spend tonight with you but you know that I can't

C D Em Dsus2 (2x)
Em D C (4x)

Em                   Dsus2          C7              Dsus2
Look inside my black lines, telling stories without couth
Em7                          Dsus2        C7           Dsus2
You might not like what they say but they only say the truth
Em  N.C.        Dsus2          C7                  Dsus2
    Play for me tarot, slip my neck in through the belt
Em7                              D             C                 Dsus2
You can't change the ways of the game when the cards are already dealt
         C                      D 
When the cards are already dealt, oh lord yeah

Repeat [Chorus] (different ending though)
       C                                 D 
Well I hope someone is listening, yeah I hope someone is listening
     Em      D        C
As I sing on bandaged knees  (x4)

Em Dsus2 C D

Em Dsus2      C                D
         As I sing on bandaged knees
C        Em
God help me

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