Bidhatari Ronge Aka


             Song; Bidhatari Ronge Aka
Band: Vibe

Transcribed by: Salekeen Nayeem

Intro: D - F#m - G - A (2x)

    D                   F#m
ami bidhatari ronge aka ak osposhto chobi
    G                     A
ami tari kobitay onupreto bidrohi ak kobi
      D                  F#m
prokriti amar onek diner dusshomoyer sathi
    G                A
tai meghe dhaka pora akaki

Bm     A   G
Chader snigdho
Bm    A    G
      avay mati

D              F#m              Bm     G
sukh jeno shei chondrima raat bisad josonay
D           F#m            Bm         G
berthotakei sharthokota aha milon mohonay

Bm     A     G
miliye jassi ami
Bm   A    G
     onno kotha

D       F#m             G         A
jochona kadche dekho nil ronge aj
D      F#m      G        A
mayabi purnimar e ullash
D      F#m       G             A
shocho kuashay baje ki raginir shur
D     F#m    G       A
             raginir shur

Bm   A    G
aa   aaha aaaa
Bm   A    G
aa   ahaa eeeaa

in the Solo: D -  A - G - A
             Bm - A - G

    D       A      Em    G
ami kono ak pakhir danay achre pora
D   A   Em   G
rod ami amar supto
      D   A  Em    G
berthotar on torni hito
D     A           Em       G
krodh ami haranor bedhonar ronge rangai amar
D         F#m        G    A
din ronge ranga amar din

   Bm        A          G
ar ontohin glanir pothe pothe
Bm  A  G
ha  ti ami

P.S: It is one of my all time favorite song... the composition skill of Shuddho bhaiya 
in this song is undoubtedly 10/10!!

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