Blind Hope


             Artist: Son Volt (Jay Farrar)
Song:   Blind Hope
Album:  Wide Swing Tremolo
Tuning: Open G  (DGDGBe - not quite Open G but a close derivative)

      Dsus4 / D     Dsus4 / D    G / Gsus2     G / Gsus2
e |-----3p2-3p2-|-----3p2-3p2-|-----3---3---|-----3---3---|-------|
B |-----3---3---|-----3---3---|-----3---3---|-----3---3---|-------|
G |-----2---2---|-----2---2---|-----4p2-4p2-|-----4p2-4p2-|-------|
D |-----0---0---|-----0---0---|-----0---0---|-----0---0---|-------|
G |-------------|-------------|-0-0---------|-0-0---------|-2-----|
D |-0-0---------|-0-0---------|-------------|-------------|-------|

Bridge Chords:
E     - 2x2100
Esus4 - 2x2200
G     - x00033
Gsus2 - x00233


VERSE 1 (Riff 2x as so):
  [D] Spend A   [Dsus4 D Dsus4 D] million dream days
  [D] Shook the [Dsus4 D Dsus4 D] hand of time, served Gods
  [G] Waited    [G Gsus2 G Gsus2] around the display
  [G] Saw no    [G Gsus2 G Gsus2] revelation

  No [D] good to [Dsus4 D Dsus4 D] go feet first
  All dis-[D]-traction and [Dsus4 D Dsus4 D] hesitation
  With A [G] bucket [G Gsus2 G Gsus2] for the leakage
  [G] Brackish [G Gsus2 G Gsus2] feelings to bail out


VERSE 2 (Riff 2x):
  Living it up on the downside
  Living out what's inside
  Taking it at full stride
  Taking it

  Here's one for you
  Leave one for me
  Don't mind and don't regret it
  Forget what's gone and here's your warning

  [E] Bring it [Esus4] down and [E] break it 
  [Gsus2] in [G]

CHORUS (Riff 2x):
  Casting it out 
  Reeling it in
  Living on blind hope 

  Casting it out 
  Reeling it in
  Living on blind hope 

INSTRUMENTAL (over spoken word):
  [Riff] (8x)


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