C U Around


             Great song by a great band. Important: All of the chords in the chorus are played in barre/power chord form.


D|-----0------------0--------0---------0--------0-----|     x2 (Don't play the C on the second bar, just end
A|--------0h1p0-----1-----------0h1p0-----------1-----|         on the F note.)


            C              Am
I'm looking forward to the day
           F            G
When I can see your face
          C            Am
And not wonder what it was I did
     F               G
That made you run away

            C              Am
I'm looking forward to the day
            F                  G
When we can be in the same place
       C           Am
And my heart won't start to beat
   F                 G
At such a frantic pace


    F5                 C5
but today was not that day
          D5     G5
So I just walked by
         F5              C5
I didn't stop to ask how you were doing
  D5          G5
I barely even said hi

| h  Hammer-on
| p  Pull-off

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