Caroline No


             Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Caroline, No
Album: Indestructable Object (Ep)

Verse 1:
Fm/Ab Fsus/Ab  Ebsus/Db
Where  did your long hair go
Fm/Ab Fsus/Ab      Ebsus/Db
Where  is the girl I used to know
Fm/Ab Fsus/Ab   Abm7    Abm7/Db Gbmaj7/Db
How   could you lose that happy glow
Oh Caroline, No

Verse 2:
Who took that look away
I remember how you used to say
You'd never change, but that's not true
Oh Caroline, you

         Ebm7  Ab7       Dbmaj7
Break my heart, I want to go and cry
       Cm7-5   Gbdim    Bbm
It's so sad to watch a sweet thing die
Oh Caroline, why

Verse 3: (Hold Gbmaj7/Db for an extra measure)  
Could I ever find in you again
Things that made me love you so much then
Could we ever bring them back once they had gone *
Oh Caroline, no
[repeat verse chords to fade]

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