Cellar Door


             [Verse 1: Jake]                            
F                 Am
I know we've been friendly
 G     Em         F
Maybe more than family
  Am            Em
It is far from perfect
  G               Am
But I'm just killing time
 F             Am
I'll come over later
 G   Em     F
It's so calculated
   Am              Em
But I am not your savior
  G           Am
I'm just killing time

[Verse 2: Jake]
   F           Am
Looking in the mirror
  G    Em       F
It could not be clearer
     Am             Em
I might as well stay near her
 G      Am
Killing time
  F               Am
Why don't we just listen?
    G               E
Are we too blind to see it?
     E         G
I can barely breathe in
   C            Em
We're just killing time
   C               F
We're just killing time

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