Covered By Roses


             Intro: | Em | D A | (x5)
       | C | D | Em | D A |

   Em                       D     A
I feel my heart explode to particles
Em                         D        A
Love is always here and I told you so
Em                        D          A
Restless in dreams, love carved in stone
       C                    D                    Em     D     A
This rhapsody of life in a way, I guess we all know it

Em                              D         A
Hand in hand we stand while we watch it flow
Em                          D        A
Heaven can you help us, no we can't go
  C      D
Whoooa whooa

Em                 Bm
Covered by roses, when this dance is over
C                            G    Bm
We all know our beauty will die
      Em                Bm
The choirs have awoken, left no words unspoken
   C                       G    Bm
Remember you as long as I can
C                        D
Hold you in my arms all night
               Em            Bm
And spill the wine until the end
   C                      D
We all have our place in time
                    Em    D
Need to live every moment

| Em | D A | (x2) 

    Em                                  D          A
We built our castles high, turned our dreams to gold
    Em                                D       A
We took the blows with pride, went through it all
     Em                      D         A
The dawn is closing in, new tales are told
       C                    D                   Em     D     A
This rhapsody of life in a way, I guess we all know


    Am     G                Em           D
For all we are is falling stars in the night
   Am       Em           D              
A blinding light raging down from the sky
    Am        G              Em         D
The rise and fall, the rhapsody of our lives
     C                D                    Em
It's all we already know, we've got to let go

[Repeat Em]

Em                      D       A
   She dwells with beauty, beauty that must die
Em                 D           A
   And joy, whose hand is ever at his lips
Em                      D           A
   His soul shall taste the sadness of her might
C                     D                    Em
   And be among her clouded trophies hung

(Covered by, covered by)

Solo: | Em | Bm | C | G Bm | (x2) (same as the first part of the chorus)

Outro: | Em | D A | (x4)

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