Danger List


             Danger List
written by John Mellencamp and Larry Crane
from the album "American Fool"

INTRO: D A  D A  D A  F#m A  D A  E7

F#m               A           D                  A
Office girls they pass me by, they don't know my name
F#m            A           D                A
Put me on the danger list, just too wild to tame
F#m                        A      D                       A
Take the drinks off of the table, throw my guitar out the door
F#m                   A            D                   A
Set my sights on some new sunrise, help my feet to the floor

D                    A
I ain't lookin' for affection
F#m                     A
I guess I need myself a shove
D                     A
Give me someone I can look up to
D                     A
Show my someone I can love


Good boys go to Heaven, good girls say their prayers
Me I don't say anything at all, I hope the Big Man still cares
Touch my soul with your religion, cut my throat with your spite
Hurt me with your silence girl, stay with me, stay with me, stay with me tonight


Don't go starin' at me, makes me feel so insecure
Talk behind my back if you want to, I don't hear it no more
Take me to my destination, put me on the plane
Fly me up to Heaven dear Lord, take me home again

BREAK: A5  D-E    A5 D-E


OUTRO: D-A  D-A  D-A  E-A 

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