Dirty Little Secret


             "Dirty Little secret"
The All-american rejects
Standard tuning

Intro- A#x4 Abx6> x3

        Bb     Gm                 Bb
verse1-let me know that ive done wrong
                 F              Bb
       when ive known this all along                               
              Gm             Bb           F                 Bb
       I go around a time or two just to waste my time with you

Prechorus- Bb         Gm
             Tell me all that you've thrown away
           Bb          F
             Find out games you don't wanna play
           Bb       Gm           Bb                F
             you are the only one that needs to know

          Bb               Gm                  Bb    F
CHORUS-  I'll keep you my dirty little secret 
                        Bb               Gm
         Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret 
          Bb                    Gm
         (just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
             Bb                  F
          My dirty little secret. who has to know?

Verse2- When we live such fragile lives
        It's the best way we survive
        I go around a time or two just to waste my time with you


         The way she feels inside. Those thoughts i can't deny
         These sleeping dogs won't lie. and now i try to lie
         It's eating me apart. trace this life out.


               Chorus (sing quietly)


               Who has to know x3

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