CAPO 3rd FRET
All chords relative to capo
I entered chords into the two different progressions that the song is divided into. It 
almost unnoticeably in a couple parts, but when it does, it's just a combination of the 
progressions. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out no problem :)

Intro: C
Progression 1 (First Verse): C, F, G
Progression 2 (Second Verse): Am, G, F, G (end on C)

I've been away for far too long.
I've had my mind wrapped up in this one song
I heard last week on the radio
driving near that place we used to go.

Where the track homes all look the same
with their roofs and the tiles and the similar frames and
the streets are so wide and the cars are so lame and on
every block I heard the whisper of your name.

I spent so many evenings in my head
I'd lay alone on an unmade bed
counting the minutes like numbered clocks
Should I call, should I write, should I read, should I stop.

I'm a child, I'm a ghost, I'm a slur, I'm a post,
I'm a prince, I'm a king, I'm a rhyme, I'm a ring,
I'm unable to sleep, I'm unable to sing,
I'm desperately lonely, fighting unholy things

And you say la la la I'm so glad I'm over you.
As you reach for your drink and you tell me you like my shoes.

And I smile like a wretch, there's not much else I can do.
I say I know what you mean, yeah, it's weird for me too.
Besides what would I sing about if I had you.

It kinda sounds like...
La, la la.. (vocal solo)

I think maybe it was Radiohead.
It had this weird little beat and a keyboard instead
of a guitar playing chords I remember how bored you would
get with those bands, you always said they played the same three chords.

And you danced all around in your t-shirt and sing
"Don't you love Modest Mouse and adore Promise Ring?"
Don't you wish that we could just avoid everything, join a
band, go on tour and think of me when you sing.

And I'd think la la la that sounds okay to me
As you'd fall on the bed and I'd fall down to my knee.
And I'd smile like my life depended on it.
It's so weird how I was mostly right about that
always eager to love then eager to leave

La la la... (vocal solo)

And I think la la la all these songs are so untrue.
As I stare at this fading side of you
and we don't belong and it's all so wrong.
Yeah you're beautiful with that gray scarf on.
I think, yeah okay but maybe it's just the song.

And I miss you but it might just be the song.

Such a beautifully tragic song, but man do I love it. Airborne Toxic is one of the most 
bands around today and I know they're gonna go far with music like this. I'm sure you 
agree! Enjoy.

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