Easy Target



Am E Am E

[Verse 1]

Am                      G
Here`s an easy target, with just quiet pop
Am                   G
Shot to hell anyway, no reason to stop
Dm                                  Am
In the streets and the gutters, the cotton fields in this land
Dm                      G                     Am    E Am E
Here`s an easy target, with a trigger in your hand

[Verse 2]

Am                      G
So black lives matter, who we trying to kid
Am                      G
Here`s an easy target, doesn´t matter, never did
Dm                Am
Crosses burning, such a long time ago
Dm                              G             Am  E
Four hundred years and we still dont`t let it go

[Verse 3]

Am                            G
Well let the poor be damned, and the easy targets too
Am                      G
All are created equal, equally beneath me and you
Dm                          Am
Children crying, under the time keeping sun
Dm                           E                      Am  Dm Am Dm G E Am E Am
the war on the easy targets, we won`t ever get this done

[Verse 4]

Am             G
Easy targets, all along the avenue
Am                           G
Living here in sucket town, baby me and you
Dm                  Am
Behind the bars to keep each other apart
Dm             G                    Am
Easy targets, Our country´s broken heart
E                      Am  E Am
Our country´s broken heart

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