Errors Of My Way


             [Verse 1]
Em        D        G      D     Em
I didn't know what day it was that day,
Em             D        G         D     Em
Felt just like falling down on my knees to pray.
Em        D          G        D     Em
Looked at myself, and all that I could say
Em             D       G     D    Em
Was,"I think I see the errors of my way".

[Verse 2]
Em           D               G        D     Em
There in the glass there was something caught my eye,
Em        D               G      D     Em
Although I try through my sighing not to cry.
Em        D         G      D    Em
See where I am, and what I try to say,
Em          D            G      D   Em
Just so I'll look at the errors of my way.

[Verse 3]
Em        D        G      D     Em
Guess I got no one around to pull me through.
Em            D        G      D     Em
I just need someone to turn to, yes, I do.
Em       D            G      D    Em
Doin' my best just to change my yesterday,
Em            D            G    D    Em
Then I won't have no more errors of my way.

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