Etha Kandukara


             C                         C7       Dm
  Etha Kadukara Himaw Arane
  G7                 G       F           G
  Seetha Chandana Lapalu Sewane
  F                     G
  Sulan Ralle Pawa Enne 
  G7                     C
  Ohuge Namaya We
Dm                     F
  Sadalle Mini Thalawe
  G                     C
  Tharaka Pipi Welawe
  Lada Liyange Seena Athare
  G7             C
Rade E Rupe
G                           G7       C
  Ranin Kala Van Pulul Urayen
  G                       C
  Hasun Lamade Musu Karanne
  Dm                   F
  Hade Morana Adare
  G                         C
  Sade Som Guna Ya Kare
  Saragee Nil Nuwan Badunin
  G7                C
Nura Wahenne

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