Far Bright Star


             From Bad Debt. The chords for each verse of this lovely tune are the same. 
Each time the chords switch from Dsus4 to C, you can put a Dsus4/B in between them (x20233)

Capo VI

G        Dsus4             C
O silver moon, I heard you crying
    C                G            Dsus4    C      
The archers shot you down, by the melon vines
    C               G      Dsus4     C
But in my garden they flew long long time
    C                   Dsus4  C
And you wake up singing Halleluia

G          Dsus4              C
Far bright star will keep on rolling
        C                  G      Dsus4      C
Through deep and black and smoke, black as rain
C                G           Dsus4   C
Shine you little light, shine in my way
    C               Dsus4          C
In no way afraid of what it may do to you

G            Dsus4            C
It's not dark yet, the sun is shining
       C            G               Dsus4      C
But a little while ago, I heard it's time to fly
    C               G         Dsus4        C
Sometimes I stand alone and I don't know why
    C               Dsus4      C
You know I love you babe, now dontcha

G        Dsus4             C
Oh little boy, I heard you crying
C              G           Dsus4      C
In your little bed, in the dead at night
    C               G           Dsus4    C
I love you most of all, but I'm terrified
    C                   Dsus4   C
But you wake up singing Halleluia

Ooooo etc. (over the same chords, to fade out)

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