For The Children


             *tuned half step down*

E      E

[Verse 1]
E                          F#m
I wish I could give you an answer
E                      F#m
As to when life really begins
E                           F#m
Wish I could tell you where we went
E                             F#m
When our days here come to an end
D                    A
Wish I could see the future
D                      A
The same way I see the past
E                     F#m
I wish I could draw a conclusion
E                         F#m               F#m
Why nothing here seems to last

B            E
I can't even make a guess
B                E
Or an uneducated thought
B                 E
All I can do here is my best
       D                       F#m          D        F#m      D       E
And be thankful for what we've got   aahh  aahh

[Verse 2]
Why do so many suffer
Oppressed to the end of time
Why does freedom move so slowly
Unable to speak its mind
Some say it's a circle
Others think we live on a wing
Why are promises broken
And some think life don't mean a thing


[Verse 3]
I hope you can be a child of life
With big dreams for everyone
And know that dying's as natural as birth
And our troubles here, they don't last long
I have worried about many things
Most of which did not come to pass
I hope you find someone to give you love
And that your love will last


Tabbed by db

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