Found Out Yesterday


             [Verse 1]

D            E/B             Em/B           D
I found out yesterday that I’m gonna be a pa.
D                     E/B                         Em/B              D
The feelings that it stirred in me, you know they filled me full of awe
G                   D
Of what it means to be,
G                   D
The father of a child.
D              E/B             Em/B             D
If it doesn’t happen soon, it’s gonna drive me wild

[Verse 2]

D             E/B                    Em/B             D
You found out yesterday that you’re gonna be a mom.
D               E/B             Em/B             D
After all those waiting years, now you can be calm
G                    D 
And think about the things
G                     D 
That all good mothers do,
D                  E/B             Em/B             D
Like baby bottles, birthday parties, dirty diapers too

[Verse 3]

D             E/B                Em/B             D
We found out yesterday that our lives are gonna change
D                E/B             Em/B             D
After all those years alone, I know it will seem strange.
G              D 
You and I were two,
G                 D 
Now baby he makes three.
D                 E/B               Em/B             D
And together our love will grow how happy we will be.
Em/B             D
How happy we will be.

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