Four Of Two


             Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Four Of Two
Album: No!

Intro Chords: E A B E
Intro Notes: E E F# G# A A - B B C# D# E E

Verse 1:
     A                        E                B              E
Underneath a big clock at the corner of 5th Avenue and 22nd Street
  A                       G#m                G                        B
I stood and waiting for a girl I knew at the spot where we agreed to meet
        F#              B
It was four minutes of two

    E                     B              E 
At four of two, I stood waiting for the girl
       E                          B             E 
I was four minutes early for the date we had planned
        A                       G#m       B
I was planning to say I was in love with her
         E            B           E           A
Just as soon as she showed for a two o'clock date
         E          B       E 
And the clock said four of two

At four of two, I was staring into space
She was not yet late, according to the clock
I was feeling nervous so I kept looking up
At the clock sticking out of the side of the building
And it still said four of two

At four of two, I began to feel tired
And I rubbed my eyes, and again I checked the time
It seemed as if the sky was growing dark...
But I felt reassured when I looked at the clock
And it still said four of two

Verse 2:
I lay my head down on the sidewalk so in case she were coming I would have a better view
But no one was there so I stretched out and closed my eyes for a second or two
It was four minutes of two

At once I awoke to a futuristic world
There were flying cars and gigantic metal bugs
I'd grown a beard; it was long and white
But I knew that the girl would be coming very soon
             E               A                 B        C#m
For though everything had changed, there was still that clock
        E          B       E 
And it still said four of two

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