From Time To Time


             Ken Hensley - From Time to Time
Album: Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf (1973)
Written by Ken Hensley

Transcribed by Jon Malmin ([email protected])
Tuning: Standard E

Intro: Bm Em7 x4

Bm                     Em7
Once I loved a pretty woman
Bm                     Em7
Till one day she up and ran
Bm                           Em7
S'pose I should have felt it coming
Bm                           Em7   
But it's hard to think of her with another man
G      A      Bm
Oh my lady I need you
G            A                   Bm
Though from time to time I don't seem to

Once the sun shone in my garden
Till my love took off and left me with the rain
Now my heart and I are starting                      
To forget it all and start out again
Oh my lady I need you
Though from time to time I don't seem to

Bm Em7 Bm (Listen to the song to get the measuring right)

E           D          Bm
My heart is hurting so bad
E           D            Bm
And all the trees look so sad
E           D                 Bm
And all the love we could have had
D     E                Bm
Ooh, ooh from time to time (repeat until end)

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