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You can play a nice simple version of this with a capo on 3 and the
substitutions Bb=G, Gm=Em, F=D, and Dm=Bm, which I've put in
parenthesis in the song.  See notes at the end for solos and other info.
(look up the acoustic version of this song on youtube-it’s good)

Intro Bb (G if capoed)
(strum low strings then middle strings to get the effect)

Five, six, seven, eight!
Eb F Gm Bb  (C D Em G if capoed)
Eb F Bb     (C D G)

All the time, awake--You're still on my mind.
                   Gm(Em)              F(D)
But we were on our own--Almost all the time.
And she'll step away--For a second or two.
               Gm(Em)                F(D)
And I close my eyes.  And I think of you.

        Eb(C)     F(D)          Gm(Em)         Bb(G)
We were only seventeen, we were holding in our screams
          Eb(C)            F(D)          Gm(Em)       Bb(G))
like we'd torn it from the pages of some lipstick magazine
         Eb(C)               F(D)
And you scratch and turn and say,
            Gm(Em)        F(D)   Eb(C)             Bb(G
"let's burn ourselves up 'til we scream"--like gasoline

Solo over Bb (similar to intro Bb)

Those tender days--at your mother's house
         Gm(Em)                                F(D)
And your father would find my hand inside your blouse
But they tell me that--you're married now
      Gm(Em)                           F(D)
Oh my dear, I fear, I can't understand how

        Eb(C)     F(D)          Gm(Em)           Bb(G)
We were only seventeen, we were holding back our screams
          Eb(C)                   F(D)          Gm(Em)    Bb(G)
like we'd torn our lives from the pages of some girly magazines
         Eb(C)               F(D)
And you scratch and turn and say,
                  Gm(Em)      F(D)   Eb(C)            Bb(G)
"let's burn these sheets down to the seams"--like gasoline

Bb Dm Gm F x2  (G Bm Em C if capoed)

      Eb(C)       F(D)          Gm(Em)     Bb(G)
I was only twenty one, I wasn't having any fun
        Eb(C)               F(D)                 Gm(Em)         Bb(G)
And the words you said tore through my head like bullets from a gun
      Eb(C)              F(D)
And I shoulda just shown up and said,
     Gm(Em)  F(D)       Eb(C)
"Get in this car, let's run"

          Eb(C)              F(D)     Gm(Em)         Bb(G)
And these years have seen so many imitations turning green
              Eb(C)               F(D)      Gm(Em)       Bb(G)
Each like the last, they go right past like credits on a screen
         Eb(C)         F(D)
But your memory blazes through me
Gm(Em)  F(D) Eb(C)           Bb(G)
Burning everything--like gasoline

First solo

(these are all tenth fret 10’s below.  No ones or zeroes)

-------------     ----------|
-------------     ----------|
-------------     ----------|
-10-10h12p10-x4   -8-8h10p8-|x4  [this whole line x2]
-------------     ----------|
-------------     ----------|

Second solo
(you should be able to play the chords with two fingers, or less,
and then hit the solo notes with your other fingers)

 Bb(G)            Dm(Bm)

 Gm(Em)           F(D)

Repeat, except 2nd time don't solo on F, just wail on the chord.

On the live acoustic version, violin plays this during the Dm repeat
(which they should have done on the album)


Finally, I think this is how the chords are played on the album
 Bb  Gm  F    Eb  F   Gm  Bb

I've been playing it like this, simpler, and sounds fine

 Bb  Gm  F    Eb  F   Gm  Bb

Watching them live, I see one guy plays the chords this way
while the other plays with a capo on 3.  So if you’re playing
alone just fool with the placement of the chords to get
the sound you want.  I really over-did the tab for a song
probably ten people have heard.

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