Get Out


             Get Out! - Acoustic Version
This is the version off of Everything Under The Sun - 2006

C                  F
My place is not a home,
                 C                      F
It don't make no difference, but I have found
     C                  F
that I need a place to stay
         C                            F
I never listen what the landlord man say

G                       F
You should've seen the flops in my house
We were jumping on walls and kicking ceilings
Dm                   F                C
Now a days people listen to me, when I say.. "GET OUT"

C                     F
Hold me and don't let go
                 C                      F
It don't make no difference that your a ho
      C                 F
Cause I need a place to stay 
             C                           F
and though disease was just the price I paid.
G                    F              C
In days of old that how it used to be, oh yes indeed.
Dm            F                  C
That girl is dead to me now and I say..

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