Greatest Hits


             This is off the firecracker lounge bootleg      

wake up in the morning and it's hard to live
  A            G
hard to live it's hard to live
  A                       G
be a long time before that shit starts to give
  A                                G
and every single day it's getting harder to give
  A                        G
but i would be up for being down with a hoe
  A                        G
Lord God i know i got that motherfuckin' mic control
  A             G
do you got mic control?   
  A                       G
you know this here style is original
  A    B    E            A         G
this       man makin' money how i know, won't
  A          G          A           G
be no man of me, in my bed i watch t.v., i'm drunk by
  A                  G         A           G
noon but that's ok, i'll be president some day, light my
  A             G                A             G
cigarette and i think how burt susanka made me drink, load the 
  A                   G
box and i'll pump that shit
got my greatest
A               G      A          G     A          G
ooh what will we do, what would we do, without the dj
 (Played reggae style)
 A                           G
what would we do without the dj
 A                G
i wanna know now what would we do
 A               G
would people get Bradley
 A          G
and do the rock steady
             A               G
because it's rubadub time again

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