Guess Who


             Note: C#m    x46654 
      B/D#   x6444x
      Bm     799777 or x,14,12,11,12,x  
      Amaj7  x,12,11,9,9,x
      F#     x,9,11,11,11,x
      E7sus4 x77777
      D      x5777x


C#m B/D# Bm

[Verse 1]

Amaj7                              Bm
I can't tell you how I feel, but I do
Amaj7                                           Bm 
Those things they say can't get to me, but they do
Amaj7                               Bm
I don't see the sky as blue, as you do
Amaj7          F#                             Bm         E7sus4   
Should I fantasize, there must be some way to love again

[Verse 2]

Amaj7                                       Bm        
It's been so hard for a girl like me, it's true
Amaj7                                          Bm
People say I look just like my daddy, 'cause I do


D                             Amaj7 
All I really want is peace of mind

[Verse 3]

Amaj7 Bm x2

  Why is everything so complicated?
  Why is everyone so infatuated?
  I gather myself safely
To a life I'll never form again


D                           Amaj7
Everybody's leaving all the time
D                             Amaj7 
All I really want is peace of mind

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