Hard On


             Another easy song. Just belt it out at the top of your lungs and feel it. If it doesn't
like you can fit all the syllables into one line because your spluttering with impotent
then you're doing it right. Simply keep that chord strum going, tight, choppy and loud. 
you can get a friend to play percussion with it then all the better.


Capo 8th

D                       G
The beer, the beer, the beer, the beer
    D                     G
The beer don't make you a man
      D                 G
No it takes something else
 Asus4                  G
Something I'll never have

      D               G
And a beer, a beer, a beer, a beer
  D                   G
A beer makes you feel good
     D                 G
Like if you wanted you could
Asus4          G
Kick anybody's ass

  D                 G
A knife, A knife, A knife, A knife
  D                    G
A knife makes you feel strong
        D               G
With a gun you're never wrong
Asus4                   G
Everybody try to stay calm I think the safety's on

A car, a car, a car, a car
A car means you can go
Whenever you want to
With an FM radio

Guitars, guitars, guitars, guitars
Guitars, Thin Lizzy rocks
So dust off your old stompbox
and we'll run it through your Vox and your Firebird

Cos you're tired, you're tired, you're tired, you're tired
You're tired of feeling sad
Your disappointed, hurt and mad
And all the poetry you've written is bad

Because a pen, a pen, a pen, a pen
A pen don't mean you can write
You're no fucking John Updike
Even if you spell it right

Just like a hardon, a hardon, a hardon, a hardon, a hardon
A hardon don't mean you're in love
Cos when the pushing comes to shove
Do you really want to be here?

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