Hater Song


             [Verse 1]
F#m                           A
Hater don't ignore me let me tell you a story,
D                              E
Yesterday your mama came up to me to say
F#m                           A
Sidesho, I bet that you don't know
                     D                       E
How wet you make me grow, every time you say hello to
F#m                      A
Me while I'm out on the streets
                     D                                    E
Down on my hands and knees, taking man meat and trying to please
          F#m              A
cas it' a tough world we live in these days,
      D         E            A
and a girl has gotta make it pay!"
    D                E        A
Yee that's what your mama did say


But you,
F#m       E        A
You're an asshole son,
         F#m  E  A
You just hate on everyone,
             F#m            E
You hate all night and all-day
              A           D
And you don't work for no pay
                F#m     E
That's why your momma's career
          A            D
Is taking dicks up her rear
            F#m      E
And wishing that her son
    A          D
Had never been born
             F#m       E
So she could have some fun
         A       D
And stop being a whore

B             A
Hater you can hate me,
    G           A
but faze me you cannot
                 B                         A
Cos even as your momma was giving birth to you
She was gagging on the doctor's cock
She was gagging on the doctor's cock

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