Heenayak Wage Oba Awa


             [Interlude - Guitar]
  Dm  A A7 Dm
  [| Dm | C# | F | C# |] 
Dm                A7   Gm             A7    Dm
Heenayak wage oba aawa, heenayak dige oba aawa
F             Dm        A7
 Adaren mage, hisa atha gewa...
Bb          A           Dm
Heenayak da me hitha keewa


| Dm | - | Bb | - |
A  | - | Gm | - |
C  | Dm| C  | - |
Dm | - | A  |Dm |

[Verse 1]
    F          Bb
Oba igila giya  ahasa yanaka , 
C            Bb       A7     Dm
 Walakulakin nama asa gena enna
    F            Bb
Oba kimida giya, sayura rala mathin
C                Bb       A7     Dm
 Sayura rala kin nama asa gena enna
      Gm            A
Hitha nathara wuna, geethayak langa
Nama nodanna, heenayata ida denna....

[Verse 2]
F            Gm           A              Dm
Nama nodanna malak pipila hithe wana wadule
F              Gm          A7              Dm
Nama nodananna malak pipila nethe gan wathure
            C     A          Dm
Nama nodanna malak wae gana andure
Bb             C            A             Dm
Numba awith do, heenayak do, mage nama asuwe

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