Home To You


             CAPO 3rd fret

Verse 1.
D              A
I get up and battle the day
Bm                  G
Things don't always go my way
D                  A
It might rain but that's okay
   G           A       D
I get to come home to you

Verse 2. 
D                   A
Sometimes life may get me down
Bm                           G
And I get tired of getting kicked around
D                      A
I feel lost in this maddening crowd
       G           A       D
But I get to come home to you

   G        A     D
You are my best friend 
   G                  A    D
And you are where my heart is
   G              A      Bm
And I know at the day's end
   G           A       D
I get to come home to you

Verse 3.

Hanging out in our old sweatshirts
You let me complain about a hard day's work
I don't know what I did to deserve
To get to come home to you

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus)

        G          A       D
Yes I get to come home to you
 Bm     G          A      D
Oh I love coming home to you

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