Ill Be Your Woman


             intro---Bb D# Bb D#

Bb       Dm   D#               Bb    D#
You say, this world is getting harder
Bb   D#                F       Bb          D#   
Everytime you seek for someone to be loved
Bb           D#
There's some evil might
     F                    Bb            G
That keeps your right for hopes to come true
The room is getting smaller
G                      F
And a doller's worth a dime
And I shall be your woman
             D#          Cm             D#  
You searched for love to be much deeper
Bb      D#
And you tried to get up
     F                 Bb    D#
Everytime you felt the dust
Bb         D#
Now you've lost your trust
    F          Bb           G
And anything I say could be true
Trouble getting higher
              G        F
Please let me pull you through

I'll be your woman in sorrow and pain
D#      F    D#
I'll be your woman in sunshine or rain
          F                          Bb F D#
There's a start, easy or hard to get by
Dm    F     Bb
Maybe we're used and thrown away
           D#               Dm   Cm  D#
Maybe were drowned in tears everyday
Cm  Bb     F
Say you'll share it with me
                 Bb     D# Bb D# Bb
And I'll be your woman
D#  Bb  D#   Bb             D# Bb
You say that you're a loser
But losers never die
 F                      Bb    D#
'Cause they've a lot to gain
Bb         D#
And if you could let me teach ya
   F              Bb   G
To reach out your hand just for me
Everytime you're feeling lonely
Darling here's what I will be

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