Im Coming Home Duck Video


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[Verse 1]

 G                                             C
There once was a time when we we’re young
 G                                            C
When pirates and spaceships were our heroes unsung
     G                            C Am
In all the battles we had won
I'm coming home

  G                                C
I may be just around the bend
          G                             C
Or this journey onward may have no end
  G                     C Am
But I'll never stop, my friend
Find my way home


            Em     C            G
There's something turning inside
        Em            C                 G
That helps me conquer this great divide
                 Em             C               Am
Though the distance is far and wide
I'm coming home

[Verse 2]

        G                                   C
The troubles may wrap around me
G                       C
Their tentacles bury until I cease to be
  G                                     C Am
I think I hear the turning of a key
I'm finally home

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