In Excelsis Deo


             G*    - 543300
Fmaj7 - x33210 

C    Fmaj7   Am   G   Fmaj7    (2x)

     C                                Fmaj7
Well I can't wait for Christmas. Been buckle-knee'd and listless
       Am                    G            Fmaj7
and you say that you've been wishing weeks away
              C                          Fmaj7
They hung the lights out in the street. Twisted round the boughs of the trees
    Am             G          Fmaj7
The choir sung its holiest refrains
      C       Fmaj7
Like Gloria Hosanna in the highest
      Am          G                    Fmaj7
Heaven knows this year's been black and blue
But we're alright
        Fmaj7                                  Am  G   Fmaj7
And this Christmas could be white for me and you

G*            Fmaj7    G*            C/G
I still can't sleep on Christmas Eve
Am        G                   Fmaj7   
Buh duh buh duh buh duh buh duh 

          C                    Fmaj7 
And we'll never miss a beat. Scarlet-faced from whiskey neat in the
Am             G               Fmaj7
cold singing “Dancing in the Dark”
        C                          Fmaj7
Oh I hope these words will do. I've had my doubts but not about you
      Am              G            Fmaj7
I'm drunk and hearing voices in car parks
         C               Fmaj7
And this year oh I've got love in me I swear 
               Am    G     
I hope you know…
Fmaj7    C   Fmaj7      Am   G   Fmaj7
…Gloria In Excelsis Deo

C    Fmaj7     Am   G   Fmaj7 (3x)


   C                             Fmaj7
If I should fall from grace. If I should leave this dear green place
   Am            G               Fmaj7
And if Christmas fades without a trace
  C                            Fmaj7
I still want you around. There's magic in this grey old town you         
 Am             G             Fmaj7
know you should show a little faith 
        C                       Fmaj7
You singing all those songs. Who cares if all the words are wrong
     Am        G             Fmaj7
Who cares if it barely ever snows
   C                           Fmaj7
But still the choir swells. The "Carol of the Bells" go… oh oh oh oh

C/G  F  Am  G  F
C/G  F  Am  G  F
C/G  F  Am  G  F

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