In Line


             Artist: Sharon Van Etten 
Song: In Line
Album: Tramp

Intro: G A Em x2

Em          C/G              Em
  I was a child, I wasn't worried
Em                 C/G                     Em
  Tempted in dark, waiting for love, I was late
G  A               Em
  Don't let love wait
      G          A             Em
  And don't let love weigh anything

  G         A         Em
  When you were missing
      G           A           Em
  The world was shitty then, okay
  G       A            Em
  Tell a lie, I'd love to
  G       A          Em
  Telling me what to do
 Em       C/G          Em
  Tumbling right into ghosts
 Em               C/G                      Em
  It's not such a sin, thought you should know
G A                   Em
  I was just a child then
  G             A      Em
  Standing in my own line

  G        A        Em
  In line, in line, in line
  G        A        Em
  In line, in line, in line
  G        A        Em
  Sit in line, in line
  G        A        Em
  Just in line, in line

  G                        G
  Now it's coming through, its coming through, 
  A                   A                 Em
  its coming through, its coming through
  G             A                  Em
  Even in line I wait for a lover, don't you?

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