G D C D7 
  G           Em       G 
  Induwaree kiya denna as agin, aadare rahasa
    Am          C                    G
  hora rahasin, wasa dethol pethi thadin
  Am/Asus2   Em  D          D7    G
  induwaree...   kiya denna   as agin
[Verse 1]
G        Em           Am            D
Hadawile thurulu wee, hegum kithi kawamin
G     Em        Am       D
Liya ewai pem hasun mudu sihinaya
C           G               Am 
  Ahan inna asai, kaatath horen

[Verse 2]
G        Em         Am       D
Jeewithe dee yana giman suwa widina
G   Em        Am       D
niwarai oya wadan muwa dodana
C              G               Am
 widaganna man asai, kaatath horhn

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