Its Alright



E      022100
Asus2  x02200
Bsus4  x24400
C#m7   x46600
F#m*   x44200     //not sure if it's considered F#m, but the tab is right
G#m**  x66400     //not sure if it's considered G#m, but the tab is right

Asus2     E     Asus2     E

Asus2        C#m7
you ruin me 
Asus2                E
sweeping my thoughts desperate for order 
Asus2                  E         F#m*     G#m**     C#m7     Bsus4     Asus2
why would you feel the same as I do 

Asus2                  E                 F#m*
I tear down the skies, looking for answers 
Asus2                          F#m*          G#m**          C#m7
but a warm breath tells me it's alright.. it's alright.. it's alright.. 
Asus2     E

it's part of [no name yet]:

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