Its Who You Know


                 Who Do You Know / It's Who You Know - Sublime
Tabbed by: Dustin Goodall
Email: dustin.goodall @ hot

Tuning: eBGDAE (standard)

There's a quick clip of this tune on their acoustic album, and it's great...
I'm tabbing the song as played at the Firecracker lounge set (same thing but
longer), it's as "Who Do You Know" ... it's a very rare bootleg, but dig it
up, it's my favorite song from the set.. 
ya, it's a cover of a tune by 70's punkers "X"

Main riff

Main riff variation


(Main riff)
(Main riff variation)
(Main riff)
(Main riff cuts to F#m)

G#            C#
Baby you look like somebody

(Main riff)

F#  Bb       D#
Who   do you know?

       G#           C#
Like a rose  comin' out of the fold, oh

(Main riff)

F#       Bb        D#
All your lipstick shows


F#                C#
I don't wanna say goodbye

F#                 C#
I don't wanna even try

F#                   C#           E            Eb
I just want to say I love you and who    do you know

(Main riff)
(Main riff variation)
(Main riff)
(Main riff - cuts to F#m - Gm)

G#               C#
Whip your lovin' arms around me

(Main riff)

F#   Bb      D#
You       complain

G#                C#
About the way you fuckin' use me

(Main riff)

 F#       Bb       D#      (break)
I get you off the street

F#                      C#
Do we spend the night in bed?

F#                  C#
Am I gonna lose my head

F#         C#        E
Livin' in love it's who you know

It's good enough

(Main riff)
(Main riff variation)
(Main riff)
(Main riff - cut to F#m - Gm - G#)

Listen to it to get some exact timing... if all you have is the It's Who You
Know from version from Bradley Nowell & Friends, it's all pretty much
relative... don't be afraid to throw in improv during the main riffs, just 
do stuff like in the variation... also, lyrics are best as i could figure
out, they're not on the internet correctly and brads just givin' er by the
end. Have fun guys.

RIP Brad

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| H  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

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