Just Another Day


             This song is from the 2006, “Rarities - Everything Under the Sun” Album that was 
released around the 10 year anniversary of Bradley’s passing. I can’t believe that 
nobody has tabbed this yet, so I thought I would get it done as it is such an 
awesome song and displays Bradley’s love for Punk Rock…it only took me about 10 
minutes to tab this. I have played this right along with the song numerous times 
and I can assure you that it is perfect. I play them as full barre chords, but I 
suppose that they could be played as either open chords or power chords…whatever 
your preference…either way, enjoy! Sublime is the best band ever!

Just Another Day - Sublime

D, A C                G    D              A                  C     G     D            A         C
….…Just another day, things are goin’ in the usual way, I can’t see things the way 
        G         D     A       C       G
they are, when I go out it gets real hard. 

        A               C               F                  G              A                     C
Oh it’s sad, but it’s true, what this world can do to you, oh it’s sad, but it’s true, what 
        F               G
this world can do to you!

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