Intro : G Bm C Bm

G      Bm     C            C/B        Am   
Keep still so I can find you at your whim.
G         Bm      C           C/B    Am
Breathe slowly so I can breathe with you.
C/B    C      D     Dsus2   Dsus4 
Ooh... ooh... 

G        Bm       C              C/B     Am 
Leave me alone, we all want to feel at home.
G        Bm        C        C/B           Am     
Find me sleeping, my inner dialogue's a drone.
C/B     C   C/B       Am    C/B       C     C/B     Am       G 

G       Bm         C              C/B        Am
Don't cry for me, I can't either. I can't weep.
G            Bm         C                     C/B          Am       C/B
Remember these moments, They're all we have And all I can keep.
C                D       Am                    G
Caught in a lie I want  You to keep me to yourself.
Bm (Bsus2) C Bm (Bsus2)

G         Bm      C          C/B           Am
Keep running deep under my skin I want to shed.
G         Bm      C                C/B             Am    C/B
Don't keep it in keep it on the thinnest of all threads
C            D      G     C      Am
And I want to break you no no... 

G    Bm     C       C/B     Am  

G   Bm      C      C/B    Am    Em

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