Keep Your Head


             Key: E

*You can play this easier with Capo 2 (key of D chords) or Capo 4 (C chords) 
and then by transposing these chords down 2 steps or down 4 steps.

Crash into me and have your way
      E               B
Cause I’m not strong enough now
         C#m                E               B
I’m just sand in your wake, quickly washed away
And I still try to hold my head up
E                B
Nights can be as cold as your touch
C#m            E      B
Giving up, I’m giving up

       C#m                      E             B
I keep running, running but the tide keeps on coming

E                        C#m            B
I’ve been caught in your undertow, it’s pulling my faster
    E                   C#m               B
I’m sinking, taking you in my lungs, it’s pulling me under
     C#m                        B
Your love’s like the ocean, the waves might hit
    C#m                          B
And slip through my hands when I reach for it
E                        C#m
I’ve been caught in your undertow

Keep your head up

(You keep pulling me under)
Keep your head up

(You keep pulling me under)
Keep your head

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