Key West Intermezzo


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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 23:45:54 -0600
From: "Hi, I'm Matt McClain" <[email protected]>

"Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)"
 By John Mellencamp
 Transcribed by Matt McClain
 (Divine Inspiration by Tiffany Waggoner)

 This song is played in "G" but you tune down 1/2 step, so it is really in Gb.
 I guess John thinks he's in Alice In Chains or something.
 I have typed this in by memory, so this may not be 100% accurate,
 but it is fun to play.
 I like to slow this song down and play it on my friend's 12 string.

 [Alternate between G and D chords]

 [Main Riff] (in Gb major scale- very easy to pick up)

 Eb:-7----10-7---|    Then you can play anything in the Gb
 Bb:---10------8-|     major scale to connect this riff
 Gb:-------------|      when it repeats at various intervals
 Db:-------------|       in the song.

 [Alternate B/w G and D chords]

In a hand painted night, me and Gypsy Scotty are partners
At the hotel Flamingo wearing black market shoes

 Am                                      [Alternate B/w G&D]
 This loud Cuban band is crucifying John Lennon
 No one wants to be lonely
 Am                       [Alternate B/w G and D]
 No one wants to sing the blues

 She's perched like a parrot on his tuxedo shoulder
 Christ, whatcha doing with him
 When you could be dancing with me
 She stirs the ice with her elegant finger
 I want to be what she's drinking
 Yeah, I just want to be

 C         G
 I saw you first
         D           G
 I'm the first one tonight
 C         G
 I saw you first
            D           G
 Don't that give me the right
 C        G
 To move around in your heart
 Everyone was looking

 But I saw you first

 [Alternate between G & D]

On a moon spattered road in her parrot rebozo
Gypsy Scotty is driving his big long yellow car
She flies like a bird over her shoulder
She whispers in his ear, boy, you are my star


In the bone colored dawn
Me and Gypsy Scotty are singin'
The radio is playing
She left her shoes out in the back
He tells me a story about some girl he knows in Kentucky
He just made that story up; there ain't no girl like that

 CHORUS and fade

 NOTE: You can try changing from Am to Am7 in the verses to give
       the song more jangle.

 This posting is for Tiffany.  I love her very very very very much.
 She is the reason that I write and play music, and why I asked her to marry me.
(SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
 I welcome any corrections and additions.
 Please E-mail me the correct lyrics if you got 'em.

Corrected lyrics have been given to me by at least 3 cool people:
MENDE JOVESKI in Australia
"Allan Phinney"  at: <[email protected]>
and some other cool person who doesn't come to mind (Sorry, dude.)

Peace and Love!!!

 Matt McClain
 Somewhere in Mississippi
 [email protected]

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