King Tide


C  F  C  F

[Verse 1]
C         F
C              F
 Young and free
C               F
 Your first kiss
C                   G
 You gave it all to me
           F                     C   F   C   F
Now I'm holding all my gold for free

[Verse 2]
C            F
 Sudden dream
C             F
 A small thing
C              F
 Makes me laugh 
C                G
 And it makes me sing
         F                        C
Never knew what this love would bring
    G          F                    C   F   C
Now you have turned all my winters spring

Em                       F
Now I'm changing all my loneliness
I'm changing it all for happiness
                    F                     G
And I can feel this emptiness slowly fade away

C  F  C  F  x2

[Verse 3]
C             F
 Just one look
C            F
 In your eyes
C           F
 My best friend
C                 G
 You just make me fly
      F                       C
And I never want to end this flight
     G         F                    C   F
Now I'm, I'm riding on my own king tide
     G         F                    C   F
Now I'm, I'm riding on my own king tide

C  F  C  F  C


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