Life On The Line


             Fad Gadget

Life On The Line 

    Am              C           G
I'm sorry about the mess on the table
    Am             C   G
I'm sure it was an accident
    Am               C    G
My hands are made of nitroglycerin
Am                C   G
That explains the incident

C                Em
Fortune built my homes in daydreams
C               Em
Pages I'd never seen
C                     Em
I'm sorry you were so disappointed
The contract states quite fundamentally
The undersigned is you
Lay your life on the..

Am     C       G
line             No questions
Am     C       G
(Life on the line) That's fine
Am     C       G
(Life)         Just sign on 
Am     C       G
(Hoo,hoo)        the dotted line

    Am      C            G
The nib hesitates at the inkwell
  Am            C      G
A sample of the poet's blood
   Am           C           G
Guitars pluck a tune in the ozone
    Am           C            G
But me, I'm just stuck in the mud

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