Little Lord Fontleroy


             [Verse 1]
    C          E       E7
And how is His Highness
Am     Am7                            Fm     G
tonight?    You know it's never quite right
   C         E        E7
We bend over backwards
Am     Am7                                Fm     G
for you    And that's the least we could do

        F              G
For the spoiled little boy -
Fm         G      C       C7
Little Lord       Fontleroy

        D             G      C     C7
And the tea is on the silver tray
D                 G         C
Wolfhounds in the sculpture garden
    E             Am  Am7
The maid has gone away
    D                G     G7
The butler begs your pardon
           F    G            C  G/B    Am  C/G
And you're all alone on your velvet    throne -
Fm    G
oh oh oh oh...

[Verse 2]
    C    E  E7
But me & me
Am     Am7                          Fm     G
And me         That's as far as you see
  C              E     E7
I know what it's like
      Am     Am7                              Fm     G
to be you         'Cause I'm a lot like that, too

        F              G
A spoiled little boy -
Fm         G      C
Little Lord       Fontleroy

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