Lonely Cryin Only


             G# D# C# C# }x2

What if the sky falls and shoves me into the ground?
Would you pray for me? Or would you pull me out?
                       G#   D#         Fm         C#
Yeah, I know you're no angel but I'm stuck right now
 C#                 C#                     D# D#
Don't walk away pretendin' you don't know how

Like a fat kid suicide believing they're wrong
And you were givin' up early and goin' out alone
Yeah, I know you're no angel but I'm stuck for friends
Once I'm out, I won't be back there again

And if you're lonely (You're lonely)
And you're cryin' all the time (You're cryin' now)
Heaven help me (Help me)
             C#                 D#
'Cause your heart's as dead as mine
We all go slowly (Go slowly)
And time is catchin' up (Time's catchin')
If you would only (Up only)            G# Fm D# }x2
Give me two minutes of your twisted love

C#           G#
Everyday it gets much better
Everyone's on your side
  C#      C#    Fm       C#
Skies colliding in your name
   C#                                                 D#
Strike it up and lights and step outside 'cause you know what's goin' on

(Your twisted) Your twisted love }x3

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