[Verse 1]
E              G         A              E
If you got the nerve and if you got the time
E              A                       E
Brother please help me get ahold of my mind
E            G        A            E
My gun in my hand and my dog by my side
E             A                  E
I entered the forest but lost my sight

[Verse 2]
E                    G               A       E
I've been firing off round trying to gain my ground
E         A                        E
Moving in circles where nightmares about
E              G      A        E
The past on my heels, war torn debris
E                A                         E
I'm locked in my mind and I can't find the key

E    G A E
I'm lost
E    A  E
I'm lost

[Verse 3]
E                  G       A        E
Up ahead I heard a roaring powerful sound
E             A                      E
I gathered my wits and called for my hound
E                  G       A              E
At the top of that hill my brothers stood tall
E              A                  E
They helped me up and we traveled on

E    G A E
We're lost
E    A  E
We're lost

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