Love Will Find A Way I


Am  Em  Am/F

[Verse 1]

Am         Em        Am/F
I was only five when my father died
      Am          Em      Am/F
And I feel like a part of me with him lies
Am                  Em    Am/F
With a drink in his hand, he bid the world farewell
       Am         Em   Am/F
Such a waste of a life on just a little thrill

Am  Em  Am/F  Am  Em  Am/F  Am  Em

[Verse 2]

Am            Em
In my younger days
Am/F                 Am       Em       Am/F   Am
I never could find a light to guide my way
      Em     Am/F
Now I know I was only hiding
              Am     Em      Am/F
In the shadow of his vast mistakes

[Verse 3]

Dm                 Am         G     Dm  Am        G
But the blood that filled his veins flows through mine
Dm            Am     G
It's not that I'm ashamed
Dm            Am     G                Am    Em  Am/F
But how can I redefine how your story ends
               Am    Em  Am/F
How your story ends

[Verse 4]

Am       Em         Am/F
I always thought that you'd be there
                            Am     Em       Am/F
Through the ups and downs but then you were gone
Am        Em     Am/F
I never found a place to go where I'd belong
         Am               Em      Am/F
But it's alright since it made me strong

[Verse 5]

Dm              Am        G     Dm  Am        G
The blood that filled his veins flows through mine
Dm        Am      G             Dm      Am             G
I'll take all the pain and turn it into something divine

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