Lullaby Pt 2


             [Verse 1]
       C               Em/B         Am          Em
Wooden legs float downstream in the alligator's dream
    F             C      Fm            G
The owl calls the tune: "fly me to the moon"
    C             Em/B      Am              C/G
The sun goes dark red as he staggers off to bed
    F             C            Fm            G
The snake and the mole — their house is their hole
F      Fm     E              Am
Rubber trees, down on bended knees
D                            G                   G7
Bleed rubber blood while the tadpoles tend their mud
C             Em/B       Am            Em
Clear, starry skies give birth to lullabies
F     Fm    Em   C      Dm  Bdim7   C
Sleep comes down with a si- lent    sound

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